About FireQual Qualifications

Developing Qualifications

We work in collaboration with industry and stakeholders to develop qualifications that are fit for purpose and fit for the future supporting the development of knowledge, skills and competencies required by individuals working within the fire safety industry.

Our team of experienced developers bring together expertise from across industry to ensure that our qualifications are rigorous, valid, reliable and consistent in their approach whilst providing flexible delivery and assessment mechanisms to support their application in multiple contexts.

Prior to developing a FireQual qualification we identify potential opportunities through consultation to prove both need and demand.

Following the development of a justifiable and robust business case, we constitute development groups bringing together relevant knowledge and expertise to drive forward the development process of both the qualification standards and associated assessments.

Throughout the development process we complete fair access and equal opportunities checkers making sure that, where not precluded by a legislative or regulatory requirement, our qualifications can be undertaken by all who are able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to the level required.

It does not stop with the launch of qualifications, we continue to check they meet their intended need and bring a positive impact to the fire safety industry.

Following a collaborative approach maintaining regular communication with industry, we are able to listen to industry needs and provide high quality knowledge and skills development solutions.


Qualification Levels

FireQual qualifications are regulated through both the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). Both of these qualification frameworks are made up of different levels and we have provided a handy guide to show you what each of these levels mean and what they are the equivalent of.  

You can see the details of the different levels by clicking on the images below where you will be able to save for future reference.

  • Qualification Equivalencies 1Qualification Equivalencies Front Page
  • Qualification Equivalencies 2Qualification Equivalencies Back Page