Introducing FireQual

FireQual is the specialist Awarding Body for the fire protection industry working for the betterment of knowledge and skills.

Over the last few months and years there has been a move to rethink how skills development and related qualifications can be restructured and redeveloped to meet the modern needs of industry.

With the publication of the Hackitt Review this has become apparent within fire safety and related sectors where there is a clear recommendation to support the strengthening of the competence of those involved in all aspects of building work.

Dame Judith Hackitt stated: “The lack of a coherent approach to competence levels and experience required – or professional qualifications where these may be necessary – and how these qualifications and experience should be evidenced so that they are clearly understood by all those operating within the system.” - 5.2 Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: Final Report.

It is time for Awarding Bodies to work with industry and other stakeholders to build a qualifications system that is fit for purpose and fit for the future to support these important changes in how people think and work within the fire industry. 

This not only means a review of those qualifications that are currently available but also how we expect those undertaking them to prove their knowledge and competencies in the future.

FireQual aims to play a major part within this moving forward as we look to specialise in supporting the industry ensuring we always keep our focus on what is important, the development of a consistent competency-based approach. 

Keeping industry and individuals at the centre of what we do makes sure we are the ideal partner in providing robust and independent oversight to an industry that plays such a vital role in individual and community safety.

How We Work

Our qualifications are delivered by our Approved Training Centres (ATC), who are responsible for the development and delivery of educational materials and to prepare candidates so they are ready to undertake their assessments.

We do not deliver training ourselves and candidates wishing to undertake one of our qualifications should contact a FireQual ATC.

Organisations wishing to join the FireQual ATC network can find more information by visiting the Become a Centre section of our website or by contacting a member of the team on or 01608 656130.