Become a Centre

FireQual works through our network of Approved Training Centres (ATCs) to provide competency-based qualifications supporting the further development of knowledge and skills within the fire safety industry.

Becoming a FireQual Approved Training Centre (ATC) is a simple 4 step process and we are here to help you through this.

If you have any questions on how your organisation can work with FireQual or would like support with your application, we are here to help. You can speak with a member of the FireQual team by email on or via telephone on 01608 656 130.

  • Application ProcessApplication Process
Step 1: Application Submission

Complete the application form relevant to the qualification you wish to provide and submit alongside your supporting documents to

Complete the e-Assessment Centre Application Form if you wish to only offer qualifications that are assessed through e-Assessment. 

Complete the Portfolio Centre Application Form if you wish to only offer qualifications that are assessed through portfolio of evidence.

If you are unsure which best suits your options please contact a member of the FireQual team who will be more than happy to assist you. 


Step 2: Desktop Review

FireQual will complete a desktop evaluation of your application to ensure that all of the information required has been included and that your supporting documents provide sufficient detail.

During this stage we evaluate the application for completeness and also check the following details:

  • Verify the Companies House information provided
  • Review OFSTED reports if available
  • Check whether we have received Event Notifications from other Awarding Bodies or relevant bodies
  • Press coverage of the organisation where available
  • Approvals held by the organisation with other regulatory bodies, eg. BSI/ISO, or other Awarding Bodies
  • Public funding contracts held if applicable 

At this stage a decision will be made to either progress to the approval activity or to request further information where there are points for clarification.

Step 3: Approval Activity

Following the successful completion of the Desktop Review, we will arrange to complete the approval whether through our online video conferencing system or by coming out to see you. The approval activity is conducted in a discussion style and covers:

  • The details submitted as part of the application
  • Delivery plans 
  • Management and quality oversight plans
  • Policies and procedures to support delivery, management and quality oversight
  • Resources available to support delivery, management and quality oversight
  • Competency of the staff members who will be involved in the provision

There may be further points for discussion that arise during the approval activity where our team will gather as much information as they can at the time to avoid the need to come back at a later date where possible.   

The FireQual representative will be able to provide general feedback at the end of the approval activity but any decisions as to whether approval is to be awarded will be communicated once our internal standardisation and review process has been completed.

Step 4: Outcome Reporting

Following the approval activity, the findings and report are subject to our internal standardisation and review process. Once this is complete we will provide confirmation of the outcome to you with reasonings. The possible outcomes are:

  • Approved
  • Approved with action plan
  • Approved but without the ability to offer qualifications without further activities
  • Referred for further activities

Once you have received your report you will be required to sign and return the FireQual Centre Agreement, downloadable below. This is a legally binding document setting out the expectations of FireQual Centres and your acceptance of those terms.

As with the Centre Application Form, there are two forms of Centre Agreement dependent on whether you wish to deliver qualifications assessed through e-Assessment or portfolio of evidence.  

For those organisations that successfully complete the approval process, you will receive a Centre certificate for display in your office and a welcome pack of information relating to the running of FireQual qualifications. You will also be supported by our dedicated team to help you get up and running. 



Unsuccessful Applications

If your organisation is referred for further activities, this is usually where we have been unable to locate supporting evidence to demonstrate how you meet the requirements for approval.

An action plan will be put together setting out the areas requiring further activities and we will be happy to provide additional guidance where required to support your understanding of what may be needed.

You can at any stage choose to withdraw your application to FireQual and make a future application and, in these circumstances, we would suggest reviewing any activities highlighted as part of the previous application process as these will be reviewed as part of the subsequent process.