Appeal Reporting

Appeals relate to a specific circumstance where a Centre or candidate wishes to challenge a decision that has been made by FireQual. They can relate to the following situations:

  • Organisations appealing a decision relating to a Centre approval application
  • Centres appealing an application to deliver certain FireQual qualifications
  • Centres or candidates appealing assessment decisions and the decision to award a unit and/or qualification
  • Centres and/or candidates appealing the conduct of assessment and quality assurance practices. This relates to the implementation of policies and processes and not the professional conduct of FireQual staff members which would fall under the Complaints policy
  • Decisions relating to the application of reasonable adjustments and/or special considerations in the delivery and assessment of FireQual qualifications
  • Decisions relating to actions to be taken with relation to Centres and/or candidates following the outcomes of quality assurance activities, eg. the application of sanctions or the altering of grades
  • Decisions relating to the conducting of investigations relating to complaints and/or maladministration and/or malpractice

Please note that when appealing an assessment decision, a decision to award a unit and/or qualification or a grade, an appeal could result in the following:

  • A change in the decision to award a unit and/or qualification, including withdrawal of one previously awarded
  • A change in the grade awarded for a unit and/or qualification, including lowering or raising of the grade

Prior to submitting an appeal, both the Centre and candidate must agree to the submission of the appeal and that they have sufficient evidence to support their reasons for appeal as the outcome may not be the expected or intended one.

All other situations where clarification or information is required would be considered an enquiry and should be submitted by email or telephone to FireQual in the normal manner rather than submitting an appeal.

FireQual will consider appeals once the Centre’s appeals process has been exhausted and where the candidate is not satisfied with the outcome.

Without all relevant details we may not be able to process an appeal due to insufficient information and/or evidence.

Appeals are considered in three incremenetal stages as set out below

Stage 1 Appeal

In the first instance a member of the FireQual Customer Service team will work with the submitting organisation, candidate and/or representative of the candidate to understand if the reasons for the submission of an appeal can be dealt with as an enquiry where the provision of further clarification or information will resolve the issue.

Use the button below to access contact details to speak with a member of the FireQual team.

Stage 2 Appeal

A Stage 2 Appeal can be submitted once Stage 1 has been completed.

Please note that if Stage 1 has not been completed, the submission will be considered under Stage 1 prior to processing a Stage 2 appeal.

Access the form to submit a Stage 2 Appeal by clicking the button below

Stage 3 Appeal

A Stage 3 appeal can be raised where the appellant believes that FireQual has:

  • Not given due regard to a particular piece of information or evidence
  • Has not followed the relevant FireQual policy appropriately
  • Has acted in a way that is contrary to our regulatory duties

A Stage 3 appeal does not allow for the reconsideration of an assessment decision that has been judged as dealt with by a Stage 2 appeal.