Fire Doors Complete Ltd. Joins the FireQual Centre Network

Tuesday 16th November 2021
Nic Preston, Director of Qualifications – FireQual, discusses the work of Fire Doors Complete Ltd. and their new association with FireQual with MD, Neil Ashdown.

Nic Preston: Can you describe the work of Fire Doors Complete Ltd. and how you support the fire safety industry?

Neil: At Fire Doors Complete we specialise in fire doors and helping building operators comply with the legal requirements of the 2005 Fire Safety Order. Not just building operators but we help all that manufacture, supply, install, inspect, and maintain fire doors too.

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s fire separation system and UK law places an obligation on building operators to make sure fire doors and escape doors are installed and maintained as fit for purpose.

Effective fire doors will restrict the spread of fire and smoke and therefore help people to escape safely if a fire starts or help prevent the fire and smoke reaching them if a staged evacuation fire strategy exists. Fire doors help to save lives and prevent injury in a fire. Ineffective fire doors though, pose a risk to fire safety and could be in breach of fire safety law.

Research has shown that many fire doors have been incorrectly specified and/or installed. Furthermore, a lack of awareness amongst some installers and fabric engineers has meant that the standard of maintenance works and alterations to the doors have rendered them ineffective compromising their ability to hold back fire and smoke.

​Here at Fire Doors Complete our consultancy services, inspection services and dedicated fire door training programmes can help individuals stay on the right side of fire safety regulations and the law.


Nic: Why did you choose to work with FireQual?

Neil: We believe that by working with FireQual we can add additional credibility to our programmes through external validation of the development opportunities we provide to individuals.


Nic: What do you feel are the current challenges within the fire safety industry?

Neil: We believe there is a need to meet the fire safety needs of those that have to manage and operate complex buildings and to upskill the available workforce to meet that need.


Nic: How do you feel regulated qualifications or recognised programmes can support the industry?

Neil: Regulated qualifications and recognised programmes through external validation help to establish a benchmark that can be trusted as demonstrating a sufficient knowledge and skills level to meet the needs of building owners and operators.


Nic: How do you feel your company can support knowledge and skills development within the fire safety industry?

Neil: We specialise in the fire door sector to bring clarity about the obligations of all stakeholders and how fire safety improvements can be most efficiently achieved from the resources that the various clients have access to.

For further details of Fire Doors Complete Ltd. and their work please see their website:


Fire Doors Complete Ltd. has successfully applied to have their training programme recognised by FireQual. Recognised Programmes exist where there is a requirement or it is seen as best practice to undertake a programme of learning to carry out a role but where there is no requirement or the subject is not appropriate for a regulated qualification or where there is no regulated qualification offering currently provided by FireQual. 

This entitles individuals to gain certification for completion of a programme of learning separate to the FireQual regulated qualification offering.