Fire Industry Training Academy Ltd Joins the FireQual Centre Network

Friday 18th February 2022
Nic Preston, Director of Qualifications – FireQual, discusses the work of Fire Industry Training Academy Ltd. and their new association with FireQual with Director, Gareth Selway.

Nic Preston: Can you describe the work of Fire Industry Training Academy Ltd. and how you support the fire safety industry?

Gareth: The “Fire Industry Training Academy” was founded to create a positive long-lasting legacy to the fire industry, raising the standard of workmanship, competency and certification of personnel working within fire safety.

Here at the FITA “Centre of Excellence” we provide pathways for all learners; teaching, mentoring, nurturing, and encouraging a clear understanding of legislation and standards, to allow employers to have peace of mind when their employees are FITA trained and are ready to face the challenges of the modern building environment.

There is no compromise in our promise to deliver outstanding service and give learners clear direction in the role they play in raising the bar.

With a “hands on” approach to learning, we ensure the workforce of the future have the knowledge and skills they need to excel, and through partnerships with employers and colleges, give learners practical on site experience as an integral part of their learning cycle.

Calling on over 70 years of fire industry experience here at FITA, it is evident that there is a severe shortage of skilled labour, lack of competency and meaningful certification in the fire safety industry, and with the industry being brought under the spotlight like never before, it’s time for those responsible for training to wake up to the ever-increasing need for proof of competency.

We are here to facilitate the rise of a new generation of fire safety technicians, giving confidence that tomorrow will be a safer place, “No Compromise”.

As a professional organisation we pride ourselves on the following value:

“Training may seem like an expensive luxury, but is lack of training a luxury you can afford”

When you undertake a learning programme with FITA Ltd, you can expect high standards of tailored learning support to help you to develop the skills you will need to enter the fire industry, or require within your current job role, as well as your development throughout your learning and career pathway.

What can you expect?

  1. A detailed skills support plan based on an assessment of your needs
  2. An Individual Learning Plan tailored to suit you and your learning preferences
  3. To be assigned an appropriately competent Training Advisors to guide your learning.
  4. To be fully involved in planning your learning and assessment
  5. To receive high quality teaching and learning experience
  6. For your wellbeing, safeguarding and health and safety to be considered and monitored.
  7. To be treated with respect and fairness
  8. To have any concerns or complaints addressed promptly and fairly
  9. To be encouraged to provide feedback and to be listened to

“Here at FITA Ltd we believe that the responsibility for learning lies with the tutor, and provided the learner is willing and able to learn, we take that responsibility very seriously”.


Nic: Why did you choose to work with FireQual?

Gareth: We felt that FireQual was informed by the views of Industry providing the types of qualifications that are needed by those that operate within and in time will be the market leading qualification in fire related training across the UK.


Nic: What do you feel are the current challenges within the fire safety industry?

Gareth: We feel there is a current lack of legislation and variable competence of those that work within the industry alongside a lack of knowledge from a section of employers. There is also a lack of support and budget to provide enhanced professional development to help the industry and those that operate within it up to date and continually improving.


Nic: Why do you feel the development of knowledge and skills is important to the fire safety industry?

Gareth: As we work in a life safety industry, those practicing on related services, face grave consequences if we fail to get it right. Training may seem like an expensive luxury but is a lack of training a luxury you can afford.

Nic: How do you feel regulated qualifications can support the industry?

Gareth: The industry has lacked a consistent approach to training and competency for a number of years. By having recognised levels of qualification this offers a criteria that enables the person to work to their capabilities. This can only be seen as a positive step in the right direction.


Nic: How do you feel your company can support knowledge and skills development within the fire safety industry?

Gareth: The two Directors have a passion, knowledge and wisdom that we want to share for future generations of fire practitioners. We want to achieve this in a cost effective manner that educates and supports the learners to enhance safety in the wider environment. There will be a lasting legacy that will be tangible in our journey to deliver excellence unparalleled throughout the UK.

For further details of Fire Industry Training Academy Ltd. and their work please see their website: