FireQual begins development of Fire Door Installation Qualification

Sunday 19th September 2021

FireQual is developing a qualification that will look to provide the underpinning knowledge and the skills required by those who work within the area of fire door installation.

In addition, reflecting on the core messages of the reports, Building a Safer Future – Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety (May 2018) and Setting the Bar (2020), FireQual will be looking at how core practical competencies of individuals can be accurately and consistently assessed.

Following FireQual’s aim to provide industry led qualifications, they will be forming a development group made up of representatives from the sector and training organisations to establish qualifications that both meet the needs of industry and are deliverable across the UK.

Nic Preston, Director of Qualifications - FireQual, said: “During Fire Door Safety Week we thought it was pertinent to announce the development of this qualification. Fire doors form an important part of passive fire protection helping to protect escape routes, slowing the spread of fire and smoke, and providing areas of relative safety.”

“The provision of high-quality qualifications to support the development of the knowledge and skills of those technicians who install fire doors helps contribute to the raising of best practice within the fire safety sector.”

As part of this development work, FireQual are now actively requesting industry input. If you would like to provide your thoughts for the development group to review, please complete the survey below. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Further updates on all the qualifications available through FireQual can be found both within the News section and within the Qualifications section of the FireQual website

Update (22/09/2021): For clarification, this qualification is not a direct request from the CSG (Competence Steering Group) or Working Group 2 (WG2 – Installers). The FireQual fire door installation qualification is a response to the demands of industry to improve individual skills, expertise, knowledge, and behaviours.