Training EXP join the FireQual Centre Network

Wednesday 5th July 2023
Steve Skarratt, Qualifications Manager - FireQual, discusses development of knowledge and current challenges within the fire safety industry with Adam Steed, Training EXP.

Training EXP are approved by FireQual to provide the Passive Fire Protection Advanced Award as a FireQual Recognised Programme.

Steve Skarratt: Why did you choose to work with FireQual?

Adam Steed: We chose to work with FireQual because I like the connection with BAFE and how the initial offering of support to become a recognized Centre was established right from the start. The advice I received before completing the Centre application was top notch and it was an easy decision to choose FireQual as a working partner.

Steve: What do you feel are the current challenges within the fire safety industry?

Adam: The current challenges in the industry are widespread throughout many sectors, the fire safety in construction has not been fully understood for many years and sometimes dismissed completely, this misunderstanding runs at many levels whether it’s design, management or installation a lot of industry professionals still need to be updated on their responsibilities are and are they working to a standard that falls in accordance with current regulations and industry guidance.

Steve: Why do you feel the development of knowledge and skills is important to the fire safety industry?

Adam: For the sector we are working in the passive fire protection industry the development of knowledge and skills is essential in the passive fire protection industry for multiple reasons. Professionals need continuous learning to ensure the implementation of effective fire protection safety measures, including knowledge of the use of fire-resistant materials and specifications involved. Ongoing development allows them to stay updated on the latest changes, regulations, and guidance’s. Compliance with building codes and standards is crucial, and professionals in this industry must possess up-to-date knowledge to interpret and apply standard requirements in accordance with regulatory requirements. Continuous learning and skill development will enhance professionalism, reputation, and credibility within the industry.

Steve: How do you feel regulated qualifications/recognised programmes can support the industry?

Adam: We Feel that Regulated qualifications and recognized training programs are essential in supporting the fire safety industry. These programs provide standardized knowledge and skills, ensuring professionals receive comprehensive training for the fire safety industry. By completing qualifications and programs, individuals demonstrate their competence and enhance their credibility within the industry. This leads to increased employment opportunities and career advancement.

Additionally, regulated qualifications and recognized training programs facilitate compliance with fire safety regulations and standards. Professionals gain a thorough understanding of legal requirements and can implement fire safety measures accordingly. Ongoing professional development is encouraged, ensuring individuals stay updated on the latest developments and best practices.

Steve: How do you feel your company can support knowledge and skills development within the fire safety industry?

Adam: Training EXP is committed to supporting knowledge and skills development in the fire safety/protection industry. We provide comprehensive courses that cover essential topics such as passive fire protection. Our experienced instructors bring real-world insights and expertise to the training sessions, ensuring participants gain valuable knowledge. Hands-on training exercises and Virtual reality simulations allow participants to apply their learning within their working role.

We understand the importance of staying up to date with industry developments, which is why we provide ongoing education and updates. Our courses are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest regulations and best practices. In addition to technical training, we also facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities, allowing professionals to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. We offer tailored training solutions to meet the specific needs of organizations and individuals, ensuring that they receive the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field. Our goal is to empower professionals and contribute to a safer fire protection industry.