UK Fire Door Training Ltd. Joins the FireQual Centre Network

Friday 19th November 2021
Nic Preston, Director of Qualifications – FireQual, discusses the work of UK Fire Door Training Ltd and their new association with FireQual with General Manager, Jonny Millard.

Nic Preston: Can you describe the work of UK Fire Door Training Ltd and how you support the fire safety industry?

Jonny: UK Fire Door Training is a specialist fire door training organisation with a particular focus on providing high quality, accessible courses. As well as online programmes we also deliver classroom-based development opportunities providing a range of engagement methods to reach more people within industry.

Our aim is to simplify the process for companies who are looking for relevant training for their operatives and to improve fire door awareness and competency through our training courses.

The team here consists of qualified teachers, carpenters, and fire door inspectors and we have been working in the education and fire door industry for a combined total of 50 years. Our course designer is a qualified teacher and certified fire door inspector with a wealth of knowledge of the fire door industry.

With our combined knowledge and experience we have created and provide courses in fire door installation, maintenance, inspection, and awareness.

Our typical customer is carpentry contractor organisations, individuals looking to improve their skills and knowledge of fire doors, housing associations and large construction companies but we also feel it is important to engage with all those who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in relation to fire doors.


Nic: Why did you choose to work with FireQual?

Jonny: We believe that FireQual is a transparent and knowledgeable organisation with great potential to do good for the fire safety industry.


Nic: What do you feel are the current challenges within the fire safety industry?

Jonny: A lack of knowledge and skills at companies who play a large role in regard to keeping people safe from fire. A lot of people work with and install fire doors but they may need to either develop or update the knowledge and skills of how they work or how to install them.


Nic: Why do you feel the development of knowledge and skills is important to the fire safety industry?

Jonny: Because it is life critical. The better people’s skills and knowledge are then more lives can be saved.


Nic: How do you feel regulated qualifications or recognised programmes can support the industry?

Jonny: Definitely, it is essential that qualifications are regulated and programmes recognised by external agencies in order to provide an acceptable standard. By providing regulated qualifications and recognised programmes the industry can be confident in the quality of learning and outcomes will be better.

Nic: How do you feel your company can support knowledge and skills development within the fire safety industry?

Jonny: We bring a wealth of knowledge to the industry. We are a team of fire door inspectors, installers and maintainers. But unlike other companies we have a qualified teacher who is able to bring in methods of pedagogy that are beneficial for all learners.

For further details of UK Fire Door Training Ltd. and their work please see their website:


UK Fire Door Training Ltd. has successfully applied to have their training programme recognised by FireQual. Recognised Programmes exist where there is a requirement or it is seen as best practice to undertake a programme of learning to carry out a role but where there is no requirement or the subject is not appropriate for a regulated qualification or where there is no regulated qualification offering currently provided by FireQual. 

This entitles individuals to gain certification for completion of a programme of learning separate to the FireQual regulated qualification offering.