What Does the New National Lockdown Mean for Qualifications?

Tuesday 5th January 2021

With the announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday evening (04/01/2021), a national lockdown is now in effect until further notice.

New coronavirus lockdown guidance has been issued for “people who are fit and well”. It is advised “you must not leave or be outside of your home except where you have a reasonable excuse”. 

With education and training facilities facing temporary closure it is important that Awarding Bodies put in place mechanisms ensuring the delivery and awarding of qualifications continues during this time of uncertainty whilst maintaining the quality and rigour that has come to be expected.

FireQual has worked hard to put in place these mechanisms to ensure that the development of knowledge and skills within the fire safety industry continues without disruption.


For qualifications that are assessed through e-Assessment, we are allowing Centres to apply for use of remote video-based invigilation.

Centres should speak with us prior to commencing e-Assessments through this method to discuss the requirements for remote invigilation under the Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration policy.

We will work with Centres to ensure that e-Assessments can continue where it is not possible to bring together candidates whilst at the same time maintaining the safety and integrity of the assessment process.

Portfolios of Evidence

For qualifications that are assessed through portfolios of evidence, Centres can continue to assess using technology to gather evidence, provide feedback and maintain contact with candidates.

Technology is opening new opportunities in the world of assessing qualifications helping to increase smart and efficient working practices. It can range from your landline, mobile phone, dictaphone, video cameras, email, online storage systems, webcams, and computers.

Whatever form you use, it is important to remember to not just consider what resources you have available but also what your candidate has access to and also, what do they have the knowledge and skills to use. 

We are here to provide advice and guidance on how to best make use of technology to carry out discussions, observations, collect product evidence, however you have chosen with your candidate is the best way to assess their knowledge and skills.

As ever, we at FireQual are here to provide advice, guidance, and support to all of our Centre network ensuring you are able to continue to provide the high-quality training and development opportunities to all who work within the fire safety industry.

Source: (referencing guidance published 04/01/2021)