Become Qualified

FireQual is the specialist Awarding Body for the fire protection industry working for the betterment of knowledge and skills through the development and oversight of regulated qualifications.

How We Work

Our qualifications are delivered by our Approved Training Centres (ATC), who are responsible for the development and delivery of educational materials and to prepare individuals so they are ready to undertake their assessments.

ATCs are third party training organisations who have been through our approval process and have been licenced to offer our qualifications and who are re-approved on an annual basis to support the maintaining of minimum standards expected for the quality of delivery.

If you wish to undertake one of our qualifications you should contact a FireQual ATC to discuss the entry requirements and associated costs for delivery but if you are unsure of the contact details you require please contact a member of the FireQual team who will be more than happy to help you.

Regulated Qualifications

Regulated qualifications concentrate on the individual and their development and show that they have achieved a minimum level in a subject area.

There are currently four regulators within the UK, all who have been created through Acts of Parliament and so have statutory powers to put in place and uphold standards helping to give these qualifications extra credibility both within the UK and internationally.

If an Awarding Body can offer regulated qualifications, you can be assured that they have met and continue to meet these standards and that their qualifications are fit for purpose.

Regulated qualifications help to provide reliability and consistency. If an individual achieves a qualification, it doesn’t matter where they are locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, they all must meet the same requirements. It helps to provide confidence in the knowledge and skills that person claims to have. It isn’t something they say they can do; they’ve had to prove it and prove it to a recognised standard.

At present FireQual holds regulated status with the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEAR) and SQA Accreditation with applications in progress with the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and Qualifications Wales (QW). 

Find Out More About Our Qualifications

Each of our qualifications is accompanied by a Qualification Specification. These set out the details of what you must do to achieve the qualification and the knowledge, skills, and/or behaviours you must demonstrate.

They are also the documents that our Approved Training Centres (ATCs) will use to develop their training programmes and associated materials and that FireQual will monitor compliance with when conducting our ongoing quality monitoring activities. 

To find out more about our qualifications and to see the corresponding Qualification Specification please click the button below.