FireQual Level 4 Certificate in Fire Risk Assessment

This qualification is intended to address the identified requirements for the development of behaviours, knowledge, and skills in relation to the conducting of fire risk assessments in the field.

The conducting of fire risk assessments aims to remove or reduce the risk of hazards and to identify safety measures that are required to ensure the safety of people within the premises.

This qualification addresses the behaviours, knowledge, and skills that have been identified by industry as important to develop individuals to be able to conduct risk assessments in an effective manner.

The qualification also addresses the importance of the need to continually update behaviours, knowledge, and skills through a rolling programme of continuous professional development to keep up with current and future practices and thinking.

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Qualification Details

The following table provides an overview of the important information relating to the delivery of this qualification in Scotland.


 Qualification Title FireQual Level 4 Certificate in Fire Risk Assessment
Regulator CCEA Regulation
Availability Northern Ireland only
Qualification Reference Number 603/7664/8
Date for First Registrations 1st July 2021
Last Date for Registrations 31st December 2024
Grading System Pass/Fail
Notional Time (hours) 242
Guided Learning (hours) 62
Direct Learning (hours) 110
Assessment Time (hours) 70
Age Ranges 19+
Assessment Type Portfolio of evidence
Registration Fee £60.00 + VAT
Candidate Entry Requirements

Candidates should be proficient in core skills literacy, numeracy, and communication.

Candidates should be employed or conducting fire risk assessments or be in a position that they are able to complete fire risk assessments as part of their employment or voluntary position.

Without this, candidates will not be able to meet the evidence requirements of the qualification as practical demonstration of behaviours and skills is required.

Delivery Staff Requirements

Those wishing to deliver, assess or quality assure the qualification should hold sufficient knowledge of the subject matters covered within the qualification and demonstrate that they have undertaken continuous professional development to ensure their knowledge is kept up to date.

Sufficient knowledge should be demonstrated by individuals having been serving officers or having worked as a fire risk assessor or related industry for a minimum of two years.

It is expected that those that wish to assess or quality assure the qualification hold or are working towards the relevant qualifications.