UK Fire Door Training Ltd

Fire Door Installation Course

UK Fire Door Training Ltd. has been approved to provide the Fire Door Installation course as a FireQual Recognised Programme.

This entitles individuals to gain certification for completion of a programme of learning separate to the FireQual regulated qualification offering.

Recognised Programmes exist where there is a requirement or it is seen as best practice to undertake a programme of learning to carry out a role but where there is no requirement or the subject is not appropriate for a regulated qualification or where there is no regulated qualification offering currently provided by FireQual. 

This course is designed to improve the skills, knowledge and competency of individuals when installing fire doors.

The Fire Door Installation Course is for site-carpenters, fire door technicians, site managers or anyone looking to improve their knowledge of fire door installation.

The course covers:

  • The importance and role of fire doors
  • What fire doors are made from and how they work
  • The laws, regulations and standards that affect fire doors
  • How to find and use certificate data sheets and installation instructions
  • What fire door ratings are
  • How to successfully plan a fire door installation
  • How to successfully install a fire door
  • What to do post-installation and hand to the client

For further details of the course or to speak to a member of UK Fire Door Training Ltd please contact the organisation using the contact details below:


Telephone: 01902 798 024