Passive Fire Protection Advanced Award - Training EXP

Training EXP has been approved to provide the Passive Fire Protection Advanced Award as a FireQual Recognised Programme.
Passive Fire Protection Advanced Award

This entitles individuals to gain certification for completion of a programme of learning separate to the FireQual regulated qualification offering.

Recognised Programmes exist where there is a requirement or it is seen as best practice to undertake a programme of learning to carry out a role but where there is no requirement or the subject is not appropriate for a regulated qualification or where there is no regulated qualification offering currently provided by FireQual. 

The course is ideal for construction professional whose work is affected by the industry or who has the overall responsibility to identify (survey), inspect or manage passive fire protection.

Candidates should have a general understanding of construction and be familiar with surround regulations and practices.

Suitable roles might be (not limited to):

  • Site Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Building Owners
  • Site Supervisors
  • Building Safety Regulator (HSE)
  • Fire Risk Assessors
  • NVQ Assessors (PFP)
  • Industry Inspectors (3rd Party etc.)
  • Compartmentation surveyors

For further details of the course or to speak to a member of Training EXP please contact the organisation using the contact details below:


Telephone: 0161 553 0136