Understanding Timber Fire Doors, Maintenance & Inspection (Healthcare Buildings) - Training EXP

Training EXP has been approved to provide Understanding Timber Fire Doors, Maintenance & Inspection (Healthcare Buildings) training as a FireQual Recognised Programme.
Understanding Timber Fire Doors, Maintenance & Inspection (Healthcare Buildings) - Training EXP

This entitles individuals to gain certification for completion of a programme of learning separate to the FireQual regulated qualification offering.

Recognised Programmes exist where there is a requirement or it is seen as best practice to undertake a programme of learning to carry out a role but where there is no requirement or the subject is not appropriate for a regulated qualification or where there is no regulated qualification offering currently provided by FireQual. 

In healthcare facilities where patients often need assistance in order to evacuate a premises safely, fire doors perform an essential function in helping to prolong evacuation time. The course goal is to give professionals in the business the knowledge and skills they need to ensure fire doors meet the correct standards and are fitted and work correctly. The course seeks to help guide different industry working sectors towards compliance, which should help people make the right choices while protecting both buildings and people from the dangers of fire.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Develop the ability to select the appropriate specification of fire door set.
  • Apply appropriate standards, guidelines and regulations relating to the installation and maintenance of fire doors in healthcare premises .
  • Recognise the correct and compliant installation of fire door sets within healthcare premises.
  • Develop inspection abilities that encompass a wide range of industry best practises.

The course is aimed at anyone working in the healthcare sector that wishes to know more about all aspects of fire doors utilised in that sector, in order to aid a healthcare premises achieve and maintain compliance. The following roles are likely to benefit:

  • Healthcare estates personnel
  • Fire Door Inspectors
  • Joiners
  • Fire Risk Assessors
  • Building inspectors
  • Site managers
  • Responsible persons

For further details of the course or to speak to a member of Training EXP please contact the organisation using the contact details below:

Website: www.trainingexp.co.uk

Telephone: 0161 553 0136

Email: info@trainingexp.co.uk