Information for Current Centres

Below we have set out useful information relating to the most common activities of a Centre in the delivery of FireQual qualifications but for further information please see our full set of policies and procedures or the individual qualification pages, or contact a member of the FireQual team who will be happy to support you.

Addition of New Qualifications

If you would like to add additional qualifications to your Centre offer please complete the relevant application below and submit to One of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your application and complete the approval process with you. 

Registration of Candidates and Booking e-Assessments

Once a candidate has been enrolled on the programme within the Centre, they must be registered with FireQual. This allows us to carry out day to day duties, for example reporting achievements, planning quality monitoring activities and issuing certification.

Candidates should be registered within two weeks of being enrolled onto the programme and, at the latest, by the published last date for new starts. If a candidate has not been registered onto the FireQual system by the last date for new starts, acceptance onto the programme cannot be guaranteed.  All registrations should be submitted through the FireQual Centre Portal.

For those qualifications that are assessed through e-Assessment, they can be booked through the FireQual Centre Portal up to 24 hours before the e-Assessment taking place. The username and password for the candidate(s) can be downloaded from their candidate record on the Centre Portal prior to the e-Assessment taking place.

A guide on how to use the Centre Portal can be found below.

Conducting e-Assessments

The invigilation of e-Assessments should be carried out by an individual without a conflict of interest with the candidates present and who has the necessary knowledge to carry out the role. You can access the FireQual Invigilator Training presentation below to help with the upskilling and training of invigilation staff.

The invigilator should complete the e-Assessment Register, found below, and return it to for records. 

The e-Assessment Poster, found below, should be displayed on entry to the room and around the room to remind candidates of the requirements whilst within the e-Assessment

Feedback for e-Assessments

To protect the security of the e-Assessment system we are not able to provide feedback on individual questions or copies of papers for candidates as they are only issued within controlled environments to protect the security of the assessment process.

e-Assessment scripts are not redistributed outside of this environment in line with the exemptions under both GDPR and Data Protection, further guidance of which can be seen on the ICO website by clicking here which also provides links to the sections within the relevant legislation for reference and information of candidates. 

In line with GDPR and Data Protection requirements, we do however issue feedback relating to the mark required and the mark achieved and if the candidate wishes to appeal the result they achieved, they are able to access the Appeals policy for either a results administration check or a review of the marking. The Appeals policy can be accessed here.

Results and Certificates

For those e-Assessments that are entirely constructed from multiple choice questions, the system will provide an indicative result on screen. Results will be confirmed on the FireQual Centre Portal indicating whether it is a pass or fail and the percentage gained.

Where a candidate has completed all aspects of their qualification, a claim should be made through the FireQual Centre Portal. Certificates will be sent to the Centre for distribution within 2 weeks of the claim being authorised.

A guide on how to use the Centre Portal can be found below.

If a certificate is claimed incorrectly or in advance of the appropriate moment, the certificate should be returned to FireQual without delay notifying of the reason for the incorrect claim and requesting the correct claim be processed. Please note there may be charges for the processing of replacement certification claims with any fees payable prior to new certification being issued.

Where certification claims have been submitted once the final date for certification has passed for an expired qualification, FireQual cannot guarantee certification claims will be processed as authorisation from the relevant Regulator(s) will be required first.